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Logo Design
At Crimson Tree we believe that a logo is the pearl in the centre of the shell which encompasses a business brand. Without an effective logo the brand will not have the impact that it needs to have on the customer. It needs to be exclusive to your business or organisation, reflective of your business or organisation's primary purpose and most importantly; memorable.

Logo Design at Crimson Tree - Logos must reflect the aims of the brand.

Below are a selection of logos designed by Crimson Tree with links to other work we have done for each business or organisation. We usually provide two or more designs for clients to chose from having listened carefully to their brief. (IOP's logo is an example of a logo that has been redrafted).

If you would like to discuss a new logo design please contact us on our contact page in the top menu and fill in our enquiry form, or alternatively phone us on 07902 586993.

Modern, colourful logo designed for Youth Charity in Yorkshire.Logo designed for I.T. company in Ireland

Neil Coombes Solicitor Limited
Logo Design

Youth Routes
Logo Design

Halycyon I.T.
Logo Design

Combined WPCA logo created for data anyalysis and software firm in Huddersfield.Re-drafted logo created for Planning Law company in West Yorkshire.

The Big Picnic
Logo Design

Logo Design

IOP Consulting
Redrafted Logo Design

Logo created for Hairdressers. Logo created for a Solicitors group in Huddersfield and West Yorkshire.

JD Joinery and Building Contractors
Logo Design

Room 25
Logo Design

Specialist Solicitors Group
Logo Design