Graphic Design Service
for Huddersfield and Yorkshire




Brochures leaflets and other promotional literature:
Crimson Tree are able to produce the full range of promotional literature from catalogues to full flyers and everything inbetween. We can help you produce campaigns online or for mailing through the post. As with all business design, all promotional literature needs to be clear, memorable and it needs to match your company brand.

Promotional Literature

We can produce all your promotional Literature, including:

Catalogues, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, flyers, posters and any other format you desire!

ABPM brochure design for emailing and posting.
ABPM wanted a brochure that they could send as a pdf incorporated into an email. They wanted it to be simple, contemporary and have a consistency of design. They are a company who provide recruitment services for the finance industry, so they wanted a design that reflected their professionalism and gave the reader confidence in them as a business. We incorporated the tick and went for a formal but eye catching colour scheme.

ABPM brochure - online and in print.

Neil Coombes Solicitor Leaflet, double sided, for use at seminars around Yorkshire
Neil Coombes Solicitor wanted a flyer to take with them to seminars that could be handed out to the delegates It had to be concise but informative and easy to read. We took the company logo, elements of design from other publications we had created for them and matched the colour scheme to their brand. These flyers were double sided A5 on glossy paper, but of course flyers can be a variety of shapes and sizes according to what you desire!

Neil Coombes Solicitor Limited, flyer.

Poster provided for Kirkheaton Council to promote a Jubilee event  in Huddersfield.
Kirkheaton Council were holding their diamond jubilee celebrations at the grounds of their cricket club and it was to be a family event at which they wanted people to bring their own picnics. The brief was to produce a poster that provided all the necessary information whilst giving the reader a taste of the fun that was to be had at the event. It had to have an obvious link to royalty and the jubilee and the council wanted a slightly retro look to the design. They also wanted the official diamond jubilee logo incorporating into the logo for the picnic. The poster was developed in a variety of sizes and reduced down to make flyers.

Kirkheaton council.
Big Picnic-flyer and poster.